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July 2018
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wot’s w00tonomy?

w00t: (Internet slang) Used to express joy, particularly that felt during success or victory. (From Wikipedia.) W00t was Merriam Webster’s “word of the year ” in 2007. -onomy: system of rules, laws, or knowledge about a particular field. (Also from Wikipedia.) w00tonomy: Scotland’s leading content marketing agency. What’s content marketing? Content marketing was born out the changes and experiences of the online industry over the past few years. Its core principle is that people will engage with your organisation if you provide them with content that delivers them value, be it monetary benefit, entertainment or targeted information. more>>> What we stand for: We believe that every client has a story to tell to every one of its customers – w00tonomy will tell that in a way that builds a long-term relationship with the online audience. How we work: We use the changing online landscape to deliver and develop our clients’ message through high-quality creative content on next-generation platforms, and then give them bite-size intelligence about how it performs so it can be evolved. Who we are: Graham Jones , MD of CIVIC 2001 -2007. Stewart Kirkpatrick , award-winning editor of scotsman.com 2000-2007, online communications director of CIVIC 2007-2008. Tony Purcell , pioneer of the Internet industry in Scotland, strategy and business development director CIVIC 2001-2007. How we are different: Traditional online marketing has focused on building a web or mobile site, uploading the client’s content and then (maybe) monitoring the traffic. The process ends there. But this approach fails to take into account how people and content behave – especially after Web 2.0. All content competes for attention with all other content – regardless of who publishes it. Our business is built on the realisation that clients now want to demonstrate real value from their online spend. Our directors boast decades of experience in editorial, strategic, technical, analytic and operational fields. We bring all components together to make your online presence effective. We will guide you on every stage of building a successful online strategy.
  • We guide your online strategy

  • We understand your content needs

  • We recommend the best value platforms to deploy your content

  • We plan your content

  • We create your content

  • We display your content

  • We spread your content

  • We analyse who is reading your content

  • We explain that intelligence in plain English

  • We evolve your content

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