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September 2008
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Google uses comic to explain its new browser

The maybe-maybe-not-evil empire Google has unveiled its latest tool in its endless quest for world domination: a web browser. Quite why it feels the need to compete with Internet Explorer (boo) and Firefox (yay) is the subject of some conjecture. It claims that the new browser, called Chrome, will be lighter, quicker and more able to deal with the modern web. But a particularly insightful comment on Slashdot sees other motives:
AKAImBatman: I imagine the first question on everyone’s mind will be, “Why do we need a new web browser?” To which I imagine the truthful answer is: “We don’t. At least not for technical reasons.” I believe what Google is looking to accomplish is to trade on their brand name in an attempt to further dislodge Internet Explorer. … It will be Netscape vs. Internet Explorer all over again. Except that instead of two giants fighting it out, it will be Microsoft against everyone else. And when everyone else happens to be giants in their own right, Microsoft’s prospects will start looking rather grim.
Regardless of the whys and wherefores and whiters of Chrome, we are impressed by the way Google has explained its features. It did not choose a dull technical manual, a soulless corporate goobledigook press release or a dry FAQ. It uses a comic. Usability, people. It’s why they’re the best at what they do. And it’s what we can bring to your online communications.

1 comment to Google uses comic to explain its new browser

  • Gordon

    Google’s Chrome has no chance of success. Fact!

    Remember Microsoft’s attempt to out-Apple Apple with its 3D graphics/video add-on for Windows 98? It promised flashing text and crazy animations on web browsers as well as user interface enhancements for Web-based applications.

    Its name… Chrome.

    Imagine Google of all companies recycling Microsoft product names. Shocking!

    Anyway..hear me out….For the ultimate mobile device….

    Step 1. ….Install Google’s android O/S ….
    Step 2. …..run a vmware image of windows mobile O/S
    Step 3. …..run the iPhone O/S emulator on the Window mobile O/S VM

    And what do you have?….

    “Gopplesoft” – The future of mobile devices!

    On second thoughts…..I’ll take the blue pill!

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